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More than in any other way, your baby knows the world through its skin. By means of the skin, it receives all the information it needs to feel safe. And you find in touch the main way to communicate it that everything is going on all right. Caresses and kisses relax your baby, stimulate it and release it from any tension. And that is exactly what SUAVIPIEL Baby Collection does; the collection is especially designed to give the most delicate, tender and pleasant care to the delicate skin of your baby. What is most similar to your own hands.


A delicate and silky touch. And a warm and recognisable smell. The Milk Scented Sponge is the result of those two sensations which remind of the mother’s womb. Thanks to an exclusive treatment, you can provide your baby with a complete well-being sensation, which will also give it the maximum moisturising. Hypoallergenic.


Apply some drops of gel special for babies on the sponge. Then, soap all its body, paying special attention to its hands.


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