You want to look beautiful. You want to be liked. But above all you want to take care of yourself. You want to look at yourself on the mirror and feel good. Cosmetics provoke positive sensations and you want to feel them right now. That is why we have created COSMETICS, a line of accessories which will ease your daily beauty routines. So that putting on makeup and taking it off are simpler and more pleasant operations. This SUAVIPIEL collection will help you to see you pretty and shiny on the least possible time. It will help you feel better.


A towel with the following idea: making things easier for you. More comfortable, lighter and 30% more absorbent than a cotton one. From an extra soft material, 100% microfiber, which quickly removes dampness from your hair, reducing exposure to the warm air of the hairdryer. And with an anatomic shape and a button which adjusts to the head, allowing you to get dressed and smarten up while your hair dries. It is suitable for any age and hair length, it does not leave fluff and occupies practically nothing. And it can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine. Undoubtedly, the towel you had in mind.


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