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Babies’ skin is smooth and delicate as no other skin and it is very easy for it to suffer irritations, whether due to an excess of humidity or dryness. Taking care of the little ones’ skin is fundamental for their welfare.

Do not extend your baby’s bath time more than ten minutes. Slightly massage its body with our specific for babies’ sponges and with circular movements. And try to dry it very well.

The most delicate areas, such as the chin or buttocks, where most wrinkles are formed and humidity is concentrated, are the ones which require most moisturising. The groin is another area which needs a lot of moisturising and which usually goes unnoticed.

We have to be very careful with the hygiene around diapers to prevent burns. Use BABY wet wipes that, with aloe vera, oats and camomile extracts, not only clean the skin, they also make it recover its natural PH quickly, keeping the skin smooth, fresh and moisturis

In case of diaper dermatitis, it is very convenient to leave the buttocks uncovered for a little while.


The bath favours body contact between the mother (or the father) and the baby, it calms the baby and gives it security. It is a good time to speak to it, sing to it and pamper it. It is also very beneficial to give it a massage after the bath.


On certain ages, bath time can be hard. Encourage your son to have a bath leading by example. Physical contact with parents relaxes babies, and water is fun for them. SUAVIPIEL is with all the family.


SUAVIPIEL puts at your disposal a range of sponges and wet wipes for specific care for the skin of your baby, completely innocuous and hypoallergenic.

We protect your baby’s skin with you.

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